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Champion Stepdad

Mar 30, 2021


Champion Stepdad is founded on empathy and accountability.

But the catalyst is performance psychology.

High-pressure environments with consequences for performance require strong mental skills.

Skills to propel your performance from good to great.

Elite level performance.


Mar 12, 2021


What does it mean to be triggered?

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Host: Neil Wattier
16-year stepdad
Resilience trainer and Performance Consultant


Mar 9, 2021


Our role as stepdad is to be a father figure and mentor.

The goal is to help raise and influence children to be productive adults.

If you are focused primarily on how to get your children to obey your rules and standards, you will miss opportunities to teach...

Mar 4, 2021


Nicola Graham shares her experience blending a family and her expertise as a Trauma Aware Parent Coach.

Mike Higgins was raised by a stepdad and is now part of a blended family. He contributes to the Front Row Dads...