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Champion Stepdad

Feb 26, 2021


Discipline means to study, learn, train, and apply standards.

To discipline our biological and stepchildren is to instruct and guide them concerning behavior, actions, standards, morals, ethics, and beliefs.

Discipline is not punishment.

Feb 21, 2021


Clarifying my spouse-first comments from episode 8.

Prioritizing your relationship with your partner does not mean de-prioritizing the children.

Feb 18, 2021


What is within your control?
- Your emotional control, self-talk, and belief system
- Your focus on a spouse first house
- Your attitude and beliefs about your...

Feb 9, 2021


Lee Mooring and I discuss the importance of communication in a relationships and the role of stepdads.

Feb 4, 2021


Dijon Moore raised his two nephews after his sister passed away unexpectedly.